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FCKeditor 2.0版本出来了
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上一版2.0 FC版在功能上已经强化了很多,并且在其它很多方面也非常完美了,但缺憾就是没有加入flash功能,虽然已经有插件可以插入,但是如果不是官方版本功能,始终不敢用。众望所归,2.0版本里终于有了加入flash功能,并且也增加了快速上传功能。还是看看官方的whatnew吧

Version 2.0 (Download Zip or GZip from

New Features and Improvements:

  • The new "Flash" command is available. Now you can easily handle Flash content, over IE and Gecko, including server browser integration and context menu support. Due to limitations of the browsers, it is not possible to see the preview of the movie while editing, so a nice "placeholder" is used instead. *
  • A "Quick Upload " option is now available in the link, image and flash dialog windows, so the user don't need to go (or have) the File Browser for this operations. The ASP and PHP uploader are included. Take a look at the configuration file.***
  • Added support for Active FoxPro Pages . Thanks to our new developer, Sönke Freitag.
  • It is now possible to disable the size handles for images and tables (IE only feature). Take a look at the DisableImageHandles and DisableTableHandles configuration options.
  • The handles on form fields (small squares around them) and the inline editing of its contents have been disabled. This makes it easier to users to use the controls.
  • A much better support for Word pasting operations has been introduced. Now it uses a dialog box, in this way we have better results and more control.**
  • [SF Patch-1225372] A small change has been done to the PHP integration file. The generic __construct constructor has been added for better PHP 5 sub-classing compatibility (backward compatible). Thanks to Marcus Bointon.
Fixed Bugs:
  • ATTENTION: Some security changes have been made to the connectors. Now you must explicitly enable the connector you want to use. Please test your application before deploying this update.
  • [SF BUG-1211591] [SF BUG-1204273] The connectors have been changed so it is not possible to use ".." on directory names.
  • [SF Patch-1219734] [SF BUG-1219728] [SF BUG-1208654] [SF BUG-1205442] There was an error in the page unload on some cases that has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1209708] [SF BUG-1214125] The undo on IE is now working correctly when the user starts typing.
  • The preview now loads "Full Page" editing correctly. It also uses the same XHTML code produced by the final output.
  • The "Templates" dialog was not working on some very specific (and strange) occasions over IE.
  • [SF BUG-1199631] [SF BUG-1171944] A new option is available to avoid a bad IE behavior that shows the horizontal scrollbar even when not needed. You can now force the vertical scrollbar to be always visible. Just set the "IEForceVScroll" configuration option to "true". Thanks to Grant Bartlett.
  • [SF Patch-1212026] [SF BUG-1228860] [SF BUG-1211775] [SF BUG-1199824] An error in the Packager has been corrected.
  • [SF BUG-1163669] The XHTML processor now adds a space before the closing slash of tags that don't have a closing tag, like <br />.
  • [SF BUG-1213733] [SF BUG-1216866] [SF BUG-1209673] [SF BUG-1155454] [SF BUG-1187936 ] Now, on Gecko, the source is opened in a dialog window to avoid fatal errors (Gecko bugs).
  • Some pages have been changed to avoid importing errors on Plone. Thanks to Arthur Kalmenson.
  • [SF BUG-1171606] There is a bug on IE that makes the editor to not work if the instance name matches a meta tag name. Fixed.
  • On Firefox, the source code is now opened in a dialog box, to avoid error on pages with more than one editor.
  • [SF Patch-1225703] [SF BUG-1214941] The "ForcePasteAsPlainText" configuration option is now working correctly on Gecko browsers. Thanks to Manuel Polo.
  • [SF BUG-1228836] The "Show Table Borders" feature is now working on Gecko browsers.
  • [SF Patch-1212529] [SF BUG-1212517] The default File Browser now accepts connectors with querystring parameters (with "?"). Thanks to Tomas Jucius.
  • [SF BUG-1233318] A JavaScript error thrown when using the Print command has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1229696] A regular expression has been escaped to avoid problems when opening the code in some editors. It has been moved to a dialog window.
  • [SF BUG-1231978] [SF BUG-1228939] The Preview window is now using the Content Type and Base href.
  • [SF BUG-1232056] The anchor icon is now working correctly on IE.
  • [SF BUG-1202468] The anchor icon is now available on Gecko too.
  • [SF BUG-1236279] A security warning has been corrected when using the File Browser over HTTPS.
  • The ASP implementation now avoid errors when setting the editor value to null values.
  • [SF BUG-1237359] The trailing <BR> added by Gecko at the end of the source is now removed.
  • [SF BUG-1170828] No more &nbsp; is added to the source when using the "New Page" button.
  • [SF BUG-1165264] A new configuration option has been included to force the editor to ignore empty paragraph values (<p>&nbsp;</p>), returning empty ("").
  • No more &nbsp; is added when creating a table or adding columns, rows or cells.
  • The <TD> tags are now included in the FillEmptyBlocks configuration handling.
  • [SF BUG-1224829] A small bug in the "Find" dialog has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1221307] A small bug in the "Image" dialog has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1219981] [SF BUG-1155726] [SF BUG-1178473] It is handling the <FORM>, <TEXTAREA> and <SELECT> tags "name" attribute correctly. Thanks to thc33.
  • [SF BUG-1205403] The checkbox and radio button values are now handled correctly in their dialog windows. Thanks to thc33.
  • [SF BUG-1236626] The toolbar now doesn't need to collapse when unloading the page (IE only).
  • [SF BUG-1212559] [SF BUG-1017231] The "Save" button now calls the "onsubmit" event before posting the form. The submit can be cancelled if the onsubmit returns "false".
  • [SF BUG-1215823] The editor now works correctly on Firefox if it values is set to "<p></p>".
  • [SF BUG-1217546] No error is thrown when "pasting as plain text" and no text is available for pasting (as an image for example).
  • [SF BUG-1207031] [SF BUG-1223978] The context menu is now available in the source view.
  • [SF BUG-1213871] Undo has been added to table creation and table operation commands.
  • [SF BUG-1205211] [SF BUG-1229941] Small bug in the mcpuk file browser have been corrected.
* This version has been partially sponsored by Infineon Technologies AG.
** This version has been partially sponsored by Visualsoft Web Solutions.
*** This version has been partially sponsored by Web Crossing, Inc.
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